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Nikon D3200 user manual

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Download Nikon d3200 user and service manual in pdf. The Nikon D3200 is a 24.2 megapixel reflex and digital camera launched by Nikon on 2012. They have a interchangeable lens, flash incorporated, auto modes, 11-area focus, and lithium-ion battery. Made in thailand.

The main and new features are: 24.2 megapixel DX-format, 1080p Full HD movie mode, automatic chromatic correction, active D-lighting, image sensor cleaning and GPS interface. For more details, visit the official website of the Nikon D3200.


Introduction – pag 1 – 6

Getting to know the camera: the camera body, the mode dial, the viewfinder, information display, first steps, etc.

Basic photography – pag 12 – 17

Battery level and card capacity, “point-and-shot” photography, creative photograpy, etc.

Playback and deletion – pag 19 – 20

Viewing photographs, display pictures, deleting pictures, etc

Guide mode – pag 21 – 24

Guide mode menus, using the guide, etc.

More on photography – pag 25 – 37

Release mode, focus, image quality and size, using the built in flash, ISO sensitivity, etc.

P,S,A and M modes – pag 38 – 40

Mode P, Mode S, Mode A, Mode M.

Live view – pag 41 42

Framing photographs in the monitor: focusing in live view, etc.

Recording and viewing movies – pag 49 – 53

Recording movies, movie settings, viewing movies, etc.

ViewNX 2 – pag 58 – 61

Installing ViewNX 2, Using ViewNX 2: copy pictures to the computer, view pictures, etc.

Technical notes – pag 62 – 72

Compatible lenses, other accessories,  caring for the camera, caring for the camera and battery, error messages, specifications, etc.


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