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Download Hyundai Accent service and repair manual free in PDF online. The Hyundai Accent is a car produce by the Korean company Hyundai, this car was star. This car was first produced in 1994 and continues today. It has 4 generations: First generation (1994 – 2000)  introduced as a replacement for the Excel in 1994, Second generation (1999 – 2005) sported a more angular body and increased dimensions, Third generation (2005 – 2011) with more comfort and the Fourth generation (2010 – present) produced for Korea, Rusia, North America, India, China, Indonesia and Mexico.

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A guided tour – Features of Your Hyundai – 1

Behind the wheel – Driving Your Hyundai – 2

Trouble on the road – What to do in an emergency – 3

Keeping those good looks – Corrosion prevention & Appearance care – 4

The key trouble-free operation – Vehicle maintenance requirements – 5

Saturday mechanics – Do-it-Yourself Maintenance – 6

Emission control system – 7

Things you should know – Consumer Information – 8

Vehicle specifications – 9

Index – 10


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