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Honda Jazz service manual

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Download Honda Jazz service, repair and owner manual free in pdf. The Honda Jazz, also called Honda Fit, is a subcompact car produced by Korean company Honda since 2001 and continued producing it.

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It has 3 generations: The first generation (2001 – 2008) was assembly in Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, China and Brazil. it has 3 engine versions: 1.2L, 1.3L and 1.5L and manual or automatic 5-speed transmission. The second generation (2007 – 2014) was produced in Japon, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, China, India, England and Brazil. It also has 3 engine: 1.2L, 1.3L and 1.5L and automatic or manual 5-speed transmission. And the third generation (2013 – present) assembly in Japan, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Mexico and India. It has 5 editions of engine: 1.2L, 1.3L and 3 editions of 1.5L. It has manual 6-speed transmission or 7-speed semi-automatic transmission.


Yout Vehicle at a Glance – 2

Driver and passenger safety – 7

Important safety precautions

You vehicle’s safety features

Protecting adults and teens

Additional informations

Airbags system

Carbon monoxide hazard

Safety labels

Instruments and Controls – 77

Control locations

Instrument panel


Multi-information display

Controls near the steering wheel

Windscreen wipers and washers

Turn signals and headlights

Front and rear fog lights

Key and locks

Door locks

Remote transmitter



Windows, sunshade and mirrors

parking brake

Interior convenience items

Interior lights

Features – 181


Heating and Cooling system

heating and A/C

Climate control system

Audio system

Protecting your discs

Remote audio controls

Auxiliary input jack

Radio theft protection

Setting the clock

cruise control

Hands-free telephone

Before Driving – 257

Break-in period

Fuel recommendation

Service station procedures

Fuel cutoff system and economy

Accesories and modifications

Carrying luggage

Driving – 271

Preparing to drive

Starting the engine

Manual transmission

Automatic transmission

Driving with the paddle shifters


Braking system

Anti-lock brakers

Maintenance – 305

Maintenance Safety

Service Reminder System

Maintenance schedule

Maintenance record

Owener’s maintenance checks

Fluid locations

Adding engine oil for honda jazz

Engine coolant

Windscreen washers

Brake and clutch fluid

Air cleaner element

Fuel filter, lights and air conditioning system

Service manual for Honda Jazz

Appearance Care – 375

Exterior Care

Interior Care

Corrosion protection

Taking care of unexpected – 383

Compact spare tyre

Changing a Flat Tyre

Honda TRK

If the engine won’t star

Jump starting

If the engine overheats

Low oil pressure indicator

Oil level indicator

Charging system indicator

Brake system indicator

Fuses, fuse locations

Emergency towing

Technical information – 431

Identifications numbers

Specifications of Honda Jazz

Three Way Catalytic converters


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