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Microsoft has released Windows 10 Preview Insider to download a beta of what will be the next operating system Windows. Its official launch will be on July 29, 2015, but can try out the trial version of the operating system for free.

Windows 10 will bring us a new look, satisfying all the needs that users of Microsoft looking for the best comfort of navigation and experience on your computer.

We offer two types of user interface, one for users with tablets and touch-screen computers and other interface to those using mouse and keyboard. The start menu will be completely renovated with respect to its previous version, now we have the navigation as it was in versions prior to his predecessor, by clicking on the Start button, we will open a navigation panel on the which we can sail in different customizable tables without the need to go to another screen as it was in Windows 8.

Implemented functionality of “Task View” which is a virtual desktop that will allow us to switch between applications that we open and work with them hand in hand. In addition, we eliminated the functions of the right sidebar that were displayed in Windows 8.

Regarding security system, significant improvements have been implemented, you can login with facial recognition if the device permits as logon with fingerprint. Device has been implemented blocks Guard system and restrict access to software that are not signed by a trusted provider of Microsoft.

Also, Windows 10 offers greater integration with Xbox video consoles, may share short videos directly from our PC while you use your computer.

As for the minimum hardware required by Windows 10, we will need more than 1 GHz processor, 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of available space. Note that if we have a touch screen, we can make a bigger profit this operating system.




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