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Volkswagen Amarok service and repair manual

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Download Volkswagen Amarok service and repair manual free in pdf document. The complete manual with information about repair, service and maintenance the vehicle.

In the Volkswagen Amarok service manual you will find information about:

Technical data: Engine number, engine data.

Removing and installing engine: Removing engine, securing engine on engine and gearbox support, notes on installing, assembly and gearbox mountings.

Crankshaft group: Cylinder block (pulley end), cylinder block (geartbox end), pistons and conrods, crankshaft (assembly overview, crankshaft dimensions, measuring axial clearance, radial clearance, pulling needle bearing out of and driving into crankshaft, etc).

Cylinder head, valve gear: Cylinder head (assembly overview, removing and installing, checking compression, etc.), chain drive (assembly overview, inlet camshaft control valve, upper timing chain cover, timing chain cover, renewing oil seal for vibration damper, balancer shaft module, etc). Valve gear (assembly overview, camshaft, steam seal with cylinder head installed, valve stem with cylinder head removed, checking valve guides, axial clearance of camshafts, etc).

Lubrication: Parts of lubrication system (General notes on the lubrication system, engine oil, assembyle overview, coarse oil separator, oil pum, etc). Oil filter bracket, oul pressure, engine oil cooler and oil supply line.

Cooling: Cooling system, coolant hose schematic diagram, parts of cooling system, engine side, body side.

Fuel supply system: General notes on fuel system, fuel pump, fuel tank electronic power control, activated charcoal filter system.

Turbocharging/supercharging: Charge air system, turbocharger, etc.

Mixture preparation – injection: Safety precautions and rules for cleanliness, injection system, checking components, etc.

Exhaust system, ignition system, etc.

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