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Software description

Recuva is a software that allows us to recover deleted files from our hard disk, even when they have already been removed from the Recycle Bin. It is developed by the company Piriform and is available in over 45 different languages ​​for operating systems Windows 2000 onwards.

This software is very simple to use, start with a wizard that will help us in our search for the missing file, it can determine if the results show that we are only images, music, documents, videos and emails among others.

Once you have defined the type of file to search, the wizard will make us some questions to facilitate the search and in just a few seconds / minutes Handy amenities of hundreds of previously deleted files from your PC so you can restore easily and simple.

In addition, when you download Recuva will allow us to find our lost Flash memory, USB, memory cards or MP3 players as simply as we can achieve in our PC files.

Note that this version of Recuva is free and can use it freely, but we have a “Professional” version which will give us better benefits for just $ 24 with 95 cents. You can find more information about versions from their official Recuva website.




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