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1991 – 2000 Ford Escort service and repair manual

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Manual description

Get the 1991 to 2000 Ford Escort repair and maintenance manual in English with pictures and illustrations to guide you through the manual.

In the Ford Escort service and repair manual you will find information about:

Routine maintenance and servicing: Air cleaner element renewal, alternator drive belt check, automatic transmission fluid level check, battery check, brake components check, brake fluid renewal, contact brakes points renewal, coolant renewal, engine oil and filter renewal, exhaust system check, fluid leak check, fluid level checks, front brake disc pad check, fuel filter renewal, ignition system components checks, manual transmission oil level, road test, seat belt check, engine, cooling system, fuel system, ignition system, brakes, tyres, capacities, etc.

OHV, CVH and HCS engines: General, cylinder block, crankshaft, camshaft, piston and piston rings, cylinder head, valves – general, inlet valve, exhaust valve, lubrication system, torque wrench settings, etc.

Cooling, heating and ventilation system: Pressure cap rating, thermostat, torque wrench settings.

Carburettor fuel system: Fuel pump, carburettor, ford carburettor specification (Weber 2V DFTM, 2V TLD, DFT, TLDM), etc.

Starting and charging systems: Battery, alternator, starter motor, etc. Ignition systems: General, spark plugs, distributor, ignition coil, HT leads, torque wrench settings, etc.

Braking system: Front brakes, rear brakes, handbrake, etc.

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